Cedar Chopping Board


These cedar chopping slabs should last forever.

  • Suitable for cutting meat and cheese and sourdough bread.
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth. After use wipe with a light touch of olive oil to maintain the integrity of the slab.
  • Not to be washed. Not for dishwasher.
  • Some minor internal cracking can occur over time, these cracks can be filled with epoxy resin or a hot glue gun.


Many chefs and home cooks prefer end grain boards, which allows the knife to penetrate the board slightly without significant dulling, chop after chop. End-grain boards also show off the beautiful tree rings.

The end-grain boards available at most retailers are typically made of scraps of hardwood glued together, but ours are hewn from solid logs. The result is a durable, attractive, board with no artificial chemicals, glues or veneers. The finish is 100% Extra virgin olive oil, we don’t use chemicals, only a food grade finish.

These slabs are sanded to a fine finish.