Rustic Wood Blocks


These blocks are super fun. Hand made from local timber, all rescued and ethically sourced. Made with Steiner principles in mind. Completely natural, no chemicals untreated wood.
Set is 40 pieces of a variety of species of wood blocks comprising of:
  • 12 stacking blocks approx (4cm diameter x 4cm thick)
  • 18 Discs coaster style approx (5+cm diameter x 1cm thick)
  • 10 Tower blocks approx (6-8cm long x 2-4cm diameter)
Each wood block is inspected by me to ensure no splinter hazards and they are safe for children to play with.


Wooden blocks are a very versatile toy, the possibilities are really only limited by the child’s imagination. Our Natural Wooden Block sets contain a range of blocks in various sizes, shapes and textures.

While playing our Natural Blocks your child will be developing a range of important skills such as:

  • developing fine motor skills
  • developing their imagination
  • exploring early numeracy concepts
  • developing their language
  • engaging in problem solving

and so much more!