Serenity Slice


This small serenity slice of tree with bark and rings will help ground and relax you. Carry this wood slice in your pocket and to take it out whenever you’re feeling anxious to help achieve a relaxed state of calm (mindfulness exercise below).

Wood slice is 4-10cm diameter.


People are feeling quite alone and anxious – especially in this time of the Corona virus pandemic. While it’s well known that getting a hug can help improve the way you feel from the release of endorphins and Oxytocin, because of the pandemic people are told not to go within 1.5M of each other.

So how can you achieve this sense of connectedness? Our solution is to hug a tree instead.

It is well known the therapeutic benefits of being in the forest among nature. A small serenity slice of tree with bark and rings that can help ground and relax you. Utilize your senses to take you to a tranquil forest with sight, smell, touch, & hearing. See the wood slice in its rustic form notice the rings and the bark. See the forest imagine the tree it comes from. Smell the unique woody aroma and the campfire scent on the other side. Feel the timber, grip the grain, touch the texture of the bark. Be grounded. Be in the forest.

Serenity wood slice meditation exercise.

We have developed a meditative exercise designed to ground a person by allowing them to connect with nature with their senses.

First take 3 deep breaths.


  • Spend 30 seconds touching the unique texture of the wood slice, feel the bark. Detect the grain pattern flow. Allow your sense of touch to read the patterns of the slice of tree.
  • Spend 30 seconds looking at the wood slice, as you look at it longer you will notice more and more detail.
  • Spend 30 seconds smelling the wood slice, it will have a unique aroma depending on the species.
  • Spend 30 seconds listening to the wood, put it to your ear like you would a sea shell and you can hear the forest calm.
  • Spend 30 seconds thinking about the wood slice and the tree where it came from. Imagine the tree and its life cycle of winter with rain wind and hail contrast with the burning sun of summer and the burst of life that comes with spring.

This focused meditative exercise taking 2.5 minutes has been shown to relax and calm even the most tense and anxious person.


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